Transforming The World With Eco-Friendly Products

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Welcome to Smarter Solutions

Smarter Solutions manufactures and promotes a growing variety of environmentally safe products in North America. We believe we all need clean air, land, and water to survive. By providing products which are more in harmony with nature, Smarter Solutions helps move modern society one step closer to a truly sustainable world.

HOCL Products

We believe hypochlorous acid – also known as HOCL – is one of the most underutilized, eco-friendly sanitizing and antiseptic products available. Join the movement toward eco-friendly products! Get your HOCL from Smarter Solutions through its HOCL line-up of products.
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Air Purification

We believe having access to clean indoor air is very important! Many North Americans now spend more than 90% of their time indoors, where air quality is often much worse than outdoors. Through its AirSmart line-up of high-performance air purifier equipment, Smarter Solutions helps North Americans attain much safer indoor air-quality environments.
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Consumers and businesses around the globe are increasingly looking for greener and more sustainable products and solutions for their everyday life and work. Smarter Solutions believes product solutions must be planet friendly and make all our lives more sustainable.
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